Charity Chill Out Zone

Charity Chill Out Zone

Supporting Communities and Mental Health

This year we are fundraising for our work supporting the local community and for two brilliant Cowley Road based mental health charities: Restore and Oxfordshire Mind. Donations will be split evenly between the three charities. If you can, please donate.

All the artists have recorded themselves, without fancy cameras or tech, from kitchens, bedrooms, gardens, fields, parks or sheds – and even from Senegal, where Fily is waiting out lockdown until he can return to hometown Witney!

The Longest Day – A Lockdown Odyssey 

Curated by Autumn Neagle

Take a languid and lyrical journey through one day in lockdown from dawn to dusk, mainly recorded over the summer solstice.It features a colourful and talented array of friends, collaborators and past carnival performers, to raise funds and awareness for Mind, Restore and Cowley Road Works.

We begin at sunrise on the beach at the start of lockdown in March, with Oxford band bedd, Owen Collins performs his stirring poem on the socially-distanced solstice, followed by a chorus of bands through to the end, where we encounter bedd’s Jamie Hyatt once again, as lockdown starts to ease.


For a peaceful interlude, watch this film created by the Rumi group – Dedicated to the celebration of Rumi through music, art, spoken word and dance with Jay Rumi (Farhad Baba) and friends.

Cowley Road Works is the charity which runs the Carnival you love. Carnival costs a massive £120,000 to run each year. As well as the costs on the day, this includes our year-round work in the community, which makes Cowley Road Carnival so special. Our groups are especially vulnerable during corona virus and times of social isolation. Please help us keep supporting young people with learning disabilities, looked after children in the care system, schools facing economic disadvantage and many more.

Oxfordshire mind-logo-1

Oxfordshire Mind run The Mill on Cowley Road, along with a broad range of other wellbeing services across the county. The charity provides support to over 30,000 people a year living with mental health problems. You will see Oxfordshire Mind in our procession every year, holding their brilliant, hand-made structures aloft proudly. Covid-19 has, and will continue to, take its toll on our mental health. Your support will help us ensure that people in Oxfordshire with a mental health problem have somewhere to turn now and in the future.

Follow this link for information about keeping mentally well during the pandemic:


Restore, a charity and centre on Cowley Road, helps people with mental ill-health to get back to employment & volunteering. Every year at Carnival, Restore open their gardens to Carnival-goers with a brilliant mix of live music, arts and a chilled out vibe amongst the Carnival chaos. For 42 years Restore has supported people to take control of their recovery, to socialise, develop skills, and to find and stay in work.