Charity Chill Out Zone Line Up

The longest day – a lockdown Odyssey

The Line Up

 bedd  – music video for ‘Auto Harp’ track with Jamie Hyatt recorded  at sunrise at the start of lockdown in March.

Owen Collins, poet – lockdown poem from the kitchen written on the summer solstice

Wednesday’s Wolves – acoustic duo in a field in Oxfordshire. 

Ags Connolly – Oxfordshire king of country from his living room

Lisa Fitzgibbon – Oxfordshire folk tales from her studio. 

Scott Gordon – Rootsy Northern Irish acoustic, Port Meadow

Cigani Knees Up – Hardcordian party circus in a Park in Oxford

Jali Fily Cissokho plays the Kora in Senegal where he is staying for lockdown, usually from Witney! /

Julian Wagstaff (The Jerichos) acoustic song in his bedroom

Premium Leisure’s Chris Barker vintage psychedelic sounds at home

Bronte Shande – soulful singer songwriter at home in Brighton

Max Blansjaar strums in the shed

Roguey Roads Oxfordshire brothers in lockdown in Cornwall.

Jonny Payne – Americana sunshine charms in the garden with housemates

Alex Train (Quartermelon) entertains in the garden

Piney Gir  – Garo and The girl from Kansas play indie pop from their flat in London

The Deadbeat Apostles five-piece country soul, blues, rock and roll outfit acoustic in the garden)

The Epstein everyone’s favourite end of festival band play at dusk in a field in Oxford

bedd – Jamie Hyatt – in the kitchen at the end of lockdown performs new single You Have Nice Things – digital release June 2020.

Loz, (Ride) reads the last part of Ulysses set to beats he created at home.

Nick Cope  Ex-Candyskins singer with CBeebies series sings ‘Little Grey Cloud’ at home

Deadbeat Apostles in the Restore Garden 2019 by Steve Bell