Colossus at Carnival

On the evening of 1 July Cowley Road Works hosted Colossus as he awoke at South Parks before appearing in the procession at the Carnival the following day.

Production in partnership withh Emergency Exit Arts.

Colossus bestrode the carnival procession procession

Making Flags

With Restore



With the Young Women’s Music Project (YWMP) and iCreative


Young Women’s Music Project

Funded by Arts Council England (ACE), we partnered with the Young Women’s Music Project (YWMP) for young women to learn how to produce a music event, have studio time and record.


Music-making Workshops

A chance to learn about and play with unusual instruments such as the giant Uganda embiare (organised in partnership with the Pitt Rivers museum) and drum design at the Cowley Road Carnival and children playing the gamalan at Common People festival.

Ugandan Embiare played at Carniva

Art Workshops

Working in partnership with community organisations such as Restore and Tok Tok we are providing opportunities for people including children and disadvantaged groups to work with artists. For example at Templars Square children helped to make artwork for the Cowley Road Carnival and cycle cover making at the Oxford Arts Festival.

Performance of the Spoken Word

Partnering with Cyc du Soleil mobile pedal-powered and solar-powered sound and light system and funded by Arts Council England we provided a full programme of the spoken word at the Cowley Road Carnival including the semi-finals of the national slam poetry competition.

cyc du soleil

Street Art

Partnering with Oxford Street Art Collective  and artist Mani, Cowley Road Works have been delivering new street art projects to brighten and enlighten the Cowley Road. Jonny and the Oxford Street Art Collective have created two, celebrating the iconic Radcliffe Camera and another celebrating science in Oxford,

Mani, who produced a piece featuring Horns of Plenty just prior to Carnival 2017 has just completed another featuring a poem by Steve Larkin on the corner of Randolph Street. .

Radcliffe camera street art by Oxford Street Art Collective photograph by Laura Greene